Hi everyone! My name is Esperanza and I am a new volunteer in the circus.

I am from Gijón, a small city surrounded by mountains and the sea, located in the north of Spain. I wanted to come to Germany to make my EVS project because I am very interested in circus arts and I wanted to know the circus from inside as well as getting to know Germany.

About me: I love to enjoy a relaxed and happy life. The things I like most are meeting friends, writing stories, listening music (almost all kind of music), doing sports like jogging, capoeira or yoga, traveling to get to know different cultures and filmmaking. Also I love to go out with friends to the disco and I love to go to the beach and enjoying nature.

In Spain I have studied production of audiovisual projects and shows and before coming here I was working as a freelance videographer and video editor but I wanted to make a change and get out of my confort zone.

What I hope from this experience is learn a lot of new things, learn the German language, grow as a person and do my best!

That´s my hometown Gijon.

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